omg it finally dropped!

World First! [G.L.A.I.V.E] TEE

This Tailored-Everyday-Equip is absolutely HUGE for you. We've run the sims. You're looking at a 0.03% upgrade. That's BiS

Reserve Your BiS TEE

shirt slot taken? equip a HOODIE to Chest

World First! [G.L.A.I.V.E] HOODIE

Equip a Hero's-Optimally-Ornamented-Deflective-Insulating-Exosuit and protect yourself from ganks.

HOODIE for ME plz

99 roll for my 99 parse plz

World First! Edition

World First! Editions come with an upgraded 99 parse sleeve in puff embroidery and an addition flat embroidered front badge to distinguish you as a World First! recipient.

Limited edition so loot quick!

Your lucky number is: /roll 1-250

Top 250 receive Bonus Loot

The first 250 looters of each drop receive special bonus loot! Thank you for being excited to support us!

  • Pink Puffed 99

    Wear your true emotions on your sleeve in pink puffed embroidery. *You are so much more than your parse, usually...

  • World First! Badge

    An achiever like you deserves to have their accomplishments recognized, and you will with a golden World First! embroidered on your chest.

  • Serialized Keychain or Pin

    A limited few
    Complete the quest for glory

    Now forever marked