The time has come, we are prepared to pump....out these awesome shirts and hoodies for yall!

Major Patch 1.0.0. [G.L.A.I.V.E] TEEs + HOODIEs

It's been a dream of ours to create this company that will provide the community we love with gear and accessories and jokes and reminders of epic journeys that we've had with friends.

We anticipate hot fixes to be rolled out continuously until the end of this year as we improve all aspects of the experience: Products, Website, Manufacturing, Shipping, Outreach, Red, Blue, Bronze, the other ones.

We have begun work on the next Minor patch 1.1.0. and to give you a HEADs up, there will be some cozy products to increase your resistances. Some things that will SOCK it to those pesky frost elementals. Here's hoping!

Looking into the future, we want to be able to fill each equip slot with BiS items, we are prioritizing this to better gauge what is of interest to you in terms of products, before releasing new designs. We do have plans to expand into other beloved games, but for now, our new overlords demand tribute and sacrifice.

With loots of love,
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