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World First!
[G.L.A.I.V.E.] TEE

World First! [G.L.A.I.V.E.] TEE

The World First! Legendary [Glowing Lunar Awakened Infernal Void Edge] has just dropped. This Tailored Everyday Equip will serve you well. Do you have the strength to equip it? The agility to swing it? The stamina to fight with it? If not, it will look good on your back, because spirit matters!
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  • Your BiS in golden bliss

    A pin to shine with gold to glitter,
    will remind your friends you aren't a ...
    bad player!

  • On the road again.... Everybody's got parses.

    • Route 66? Nope.
    • Parsing Pink? Yup.
    • Do me trade? Nope.
    • Pump 99? Yup.

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